Our London, Leeds & Manchester Auditions are now open for Stagebox 2018-2019!

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Our 2018 Annual audition season will be announced very shortly on all social media platforms. Please check back in a few days for updates!

Head to our FAQ page for extensive information about Stagebox auditions and what to expect!

  • Audition workshop fees are applicable due to the workshop nature of the day. We work for a few hours with each group in singing, acting through song and dancing (please see to the right for the audition experience videos). 
  • Theatre Royal Newcastle
  • West Yorkshire Playhouse
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  • Liverpool-Empire-Theatre
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Stagebox is simply amazing! My daughter was lucky enough to be offered a place on the Manchester Elite Team in January 2016 and the progress she has made since then is fabulous! Emily, L-J and Sammy are wonderful, as is the rest of the creative team. They have the upmost respect and admiration for the children, and the children have the same for them. No child is left out, everyone is equal. Although the relationship is professional, it feels like being part of a family. I trust the Stagebox team implicitly, and know that they will do everything in their power to bring out the best in every single child on the team, the care and attention they all receive is outstanding. They truly care for the children and want them to be the best they can be and that is what sets Stagebox apart from the rest! The children are given amazing high intensity musical theatre training by the best in the industry, but Stagebox is also about working as a team, achieving together, building confidence and having fun! The outstanding performances, time and time again, come from the sheer array of talent in both the fabulous children, and the creative team. The children are doing what they love, and it shows in each and every performance! The pride on the faces of Emily, L-J and Sammy is so lovely to see. Stagebox believes in each and every child on the team, and because of this, the children believe in themselves! I am so proud that my daughter is a part of the Stagebox family. They truly are special!