Stagebox Code of Conduct

Please read in full and sign in agreement to our code of conduct.

All pupils and parents/guardians must adhere to this at all times.

This code of conduct acts as your contract with Stagebox throughout the time your child is a member of Stagebox.

T: 020 7305 7457 / 07872 575 895



1.0 Stagebox Uniform

  • Stagebox Uniform is compulsory and must be worn at all times
  • Failure to wear uniform as outlined in offer emails may lead to non-admittance to class
  • No jewellery/watches may be worn for class
  • Hair must be neat and off the face for pupils
  • Please note that we do not deal with anything uniform related directly. Essential Dance Supplies must be your port of call: OR

2.0. Attendance and Punctuality

  • All Elite Team members are expected to attend the 5 weeks of training per year. Any non-attendance will only be allowed in exceptional circumstances and must be cleared with Stagebox HQ in advance. Pre-planned absence is only authorised once confirmed via emailed correspondence from head office. This is to ensure high quality training and excellence within the company.
  • All Development Programme members are expected to attend weekly training sessions. Any non-attendance will only be allowed in exceptional circumstances and must be cleared with Stagebox HQ in advance. Pre-planned absence is only authorised once confirmed via emailed correspondence from head office. This is to ensure high quality training and excellence within the company.
  • City swaps – If you require a city swap for holiday training please provide evidence of either school holiday clashes or exceptional circumstances. Any city swap requests must be made upon accepting your child’s place for the next 12 months. Requests made after this will only be considered in exceptional circumstances. This is to ensure high quality of training and commitment.
  • Where unexpected absence occurs (e.g. due to illness/exceptional circumstances) please phone the mobile office on 07872 575895. If there is no response please leave a message for the team.
  • Similarly, if you are running late please also inform us of this.
  • All pupils are expected to be ready to start 10 minutes before class commences.

3.0 Conduct

  • We have no tolerance towards any form of bullying. Pupils are expected to behave in a polite manner to staff and fellow team members and be respectful and kind to each other.
  • We do not condone negative or aggressive behaviour from parents toward staff, parents or toward children in our care. This includes negative or aggressive behaviour in all forms including verbal, physical or via social media. Any incident whereby a parent is found to be contravening this will result in their child being asked to leave the programme with immediate effect.
  • Any illness/injury must be reported to the workshop leader immediately at the time so they can ensure health and safety. If unwell or injured it is the child’s responsibility to seek help from one of the members of staff. Similarly, any pre-existing injury or illness must be reported to the workshop leader prior to a child taking part in training.
  • Parents must let us know of any changes to telephone numbers/email addresses. This is crucial so that we are able to contact you in any emergency.
  • Social media activity – This is closely monitored by the Stagebox Team. Any material found on any social networking site that could contravene our Child Protection Policy or be viewed as damaging the reputation of Stagebox (including photographs/videos etc) will be dealt with very seriously.
  • Child Protection – No parent should leave their child in the care of Stagebox until their child has been formally signed in. Similarly no children will be signed out until a member of Stagebox HQ has confirmed that they have been signed into the care of the relevant responsible adult. It is the responsibility of the parent to ensure that the Stagebox team are aware of any specific child protection requirements, court orders regarding their child. Any disclosures are not shared beyond the necessary Resident Staff and do not affect how your child is treated or regarded within the team. It is purely an essential part of us maintaining the safety of all of our children at all times.
  • Stagebox staff should be contacted during office hours unless essential, such as a child is in professional work out of usual office hours. Our primary general contact details are detailed at the top of this document. Parents and children will not contact Freelance Staff or Stagebox HQ staff on personal communication either via social media, email or phone. This is for the protection of staff and children. For all matters relating to Stagebox Management clients please email: For all Accounting matters please email:

4.0 Fees/Notice Period

  • All payment of fees (whether paid via a monthly or termly plan) must be paid by the allocated date. Failure to do so will lead to a 5% surcharge being added and thereafter a further 5% for every month the fees remain unpaid.
  • Refunds cannot be made where a child is unable to attend, unless a child is in professional work through Stagebox Management or there are exceptional circumstances approved by the Directors.
  • By securing your child’s place with Stagebox for the next 12 months, you agree to commit to a full 12 months, September to August inclusive. We cap our numbers to ensure a personalised service and we must therefore ask for this 12 month sign up to ensure high quality and a commitment from every member. Discontinuing training during the 12 month period will still incur a charge for the remainder of the 12 month period.
  • Annual review process – All children’s places will be reviewed on an annual basis. Our review process is based on three factors alone: attitude (both of parent and child), attendance and commitment. We feel that these three components are the most important aspects at the heart of what we do. Parents will receive emailed communication confirming their child’s offer for the following year prior to the summer audition season commencing. Parents must return a completed Code of Conduct form in order to secure their child’s place.